Attend for Broadcast Professionals

Have you ever….?

 …had to deliver shows on tape to international affiliates or broadcast partners only to have them get stuck in customs?

    • Attend’s Content Ingest Network eliminates the tape and customs. It optimizes file transfers on our private network to get your show delivered quickly and securely without the wait. 

…tried to implement a file-based workflow and run into huge capital expenses or IT bottlenecks on the way to getting there?

    • MediaCloud provides a simple, easy to use, out-sourced infrastructure. Each show uses what it needs. IT either loves it or doesn’t need to know about it. Either way, you get an efficient process.

…needed immediate feedback on a scene from someone in a remote location?

    • MediaCloud is the fastest way to share big files. MediaCloud streams videos and displays bit-accurate (uncompressed) frames to any iPad, iPhone or browser anywhere in the world.

…needed to get a special event uploaded Right Now, but didn’t have enough bandwidth in the venue to do it?

    • Attend’s Reliable File Ninja professional “sneaker net” service uses our Content Ingest Network to bypass the limitations of your ” last mile” to get your content delivered quickly to any network destination in the world.

Broadcast professionals use Attend to master collaborative projects and take the IT hassle out of the creative process. Please call or contact (form on the right) to let us know how we can help.


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